Enhance LinkedIn Ads

Interested in getting better results from your LinkedIn Ads? Not sure what to do to correct them? Check out these five must-try LinkedIn ads enhancements to advance your campaign performance and gain more impressions, clicks and leads!

LinkedIn Ads Tip #1: Rejuvenate an ad by changing the image

Is an ad lagging? Instead of merely pausing it and diverting your impressions to the better performing LinkedIn ads, try bringing it back to life by switching out its image for a better one.

Some marketers have been able to triple the click-through rate by simply using a different image. When choosing a new image for your LinkedIn ad, try to use one that’s both attractive and relevant. Bright colors, high contrast and easily identifiable images tend to work best, especially when compared to busy and vague images.

While it may have been convenient to use your company logo, you may want to consider something different. Faces, icons and product shots are also easy images to source.

LinkedIn Ads Tip #2:Capture audience interest by calling out your targeting

A great way to capture your target audience is to call them out in your LinkedIn ads. If you’re targeting by a certain category, mention that category in the ad. In addition to getting their attention, this technique will qualify your audience so the wrong people won’t click on your ad and waste your budget.

If it’s not clear how your offer relates to your targeting, try to be explicit and highlight the specific feature or service that the audience would be most interested in. This is your chance to present the ideal messaging to this customer segment.

LinkedIn Ads Tips #3: Support bold headlines with the ad description

Bold headlines can really make your LinkedIn ads stand out and capture the interest of your viewers. However, you’ll want to make sure your description supports it with additional details. Consider elaborating in a way that explains what people can expect to find on your landing page once they click on your ad. This way, you can qualify potential visitors and limit clicks from people that aren’t likely to do future business with you.

LinkedIn Ads Tip #4: Get more impressions by bidding generously

This one sounds obvious, but LinkedIn can be a particularly difficult ad network to earn impressions on. If you’re having trouble earning a meaningful number of impressions, bid above the system’s suggested CPC bid.

LinkedIn Ads Tip #5: Reach qualified prospects by targeting groups

Since LinkedIn users reveal their interests, skills and expertise by joining groups, targeting large and niche groups can be a great way to reach people that are likely to be interested in your services.

For example, if you’re promoting a seminar for first-time homebuyers, you can target groups that focus on millennials or young professionals, especially those in your local area.This is a powerful technique for targeting the right audience and really shows the capabilities of LinkedIn Ads targeting. Just make sure your targeted groups in total have a large enough membership so you still have a meaningful reach.