• ACCIONA is a leading European construction company developing and managing buildings and civil infrastructures. Its activities range from the design and construction of buildings and structure to their operation, maintenance, refurbishment and recycling. It has an international presence in more than 30 countries employing 14 000. Its total turnover in 2009 was about EUR 3.6 billion. R&D at ACCIONA focus on innovative technologies in different areas: Nanotechnologies and new sustainable construction materials, re-use of construction materials, information and communication technology, wind energy production technologies, solar photovoltaic and thermoelectric energies, hydrogen production and sustainable water treatment and desalination and the application of LCA of construction materials.

    Acciona Infrastructures plays an active role in the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) being part of the High Level Group and of its Executive Committee and is the representative for the ECTP in NanoFutures, the European Technology Integration and Innovation Platform (ETIP) in Nanotechnology. It chairs the Energy Efficient Building Association (E2B A) and it is a member of the AD HOC Advisory Group to the European Commission on the PPP on Energy Efficient Buildings. In addition, it chairs an advisory group to DGINFSO on Energy Efficient Buildings.

    ACCIONA has participated in 11 FP6 projects and is currently in 38 funded projects from the first and second round of FP7 calls (leading 4 of them) as well as participating in Eureka and National projects (> 30). Relevant projects to FIBCEM include – (1) NANOPCM ‘New advanced insulation Phase Change Material’ (2) ALLPROOF FRC (Eureka), Heatproof Fibre Reinforced Composite, Development of new kind of matrix for construction industry with intrinsic fire resistant properties; (3) NANOCONEX (FP5) – Towards the creation of a NoE in nanotechnology in construction; (4) CONTACT ‘Applied Industry-Academia Research and Training Network on Implementation of Carbon Nanotubes’ and (5) NANOCOM ‘Lowering barriers for NANOtechnologies Comercialisation’.

  • CETMA is a private research centre with headquarters in Brindisi (Italy). It has facilities and wide competences in the materials engineering sector. Its main activities involve new products development and relevant processes for producing components, in addition to specific skills in process simulation and structural design made by finite element commercial software. CETMA has also a Materials Technology Laboratory equipped with instruments for the characterization of materials and components and technological equipment, on a small scale or on industrial scale. CETMA is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified for research and development in the field of advanced industrial engineering and for the development of integrated engineering projects for industrial applications. Nowadays, CETMA staff consists of 76 persons, 85% of whom are university graduates. In recent years, CETMA carried out research and industrial activities focusing on the development of new products and relevant processes.

    CETMA is involved in coordinating some National and EU-funded Projects focused on recycling as well as on building field issues.

    Mostostal Warszawa, ensuing from its vast experience and potential in the power generation sector, provides variety of across-the-board services, ranging from execution of reinforced concrete and construction works, through delivery and erection of steel and structural elements to assembly of the high pressure piping and boilers.

    During the years of operation the Mostostal Warszawa gathered vast experience in production of steel constructions and technological installations for the power, petrochemical, chemical, and cement industries. It has a large customer base and a portfolio of excellent recommendation from Poland and Europe – Germany, France, Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Scandinavia.

    Currently company aims at increasing competitiveness of the services and implementation of new construction technologies. Mostostal is involved in many national associations that unite SMEs and large companies in order to create better quality of Polish construction sector like: The Polish Association of Building Employers (PZBD) or The Polish Chamber of Steelworks (PIKS). The company is an active member of Polish Construction Technology Platform (PPTB) as well as European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP).

    Moreover through R&D Department Mostostal Warszawa actively participates in various international initiatives connected with Research & Technological Development. Being conscious of the impact on natural environment produced by construction sector and future high requirements for buildings in scope of very low energy consumption and efficient integration of renewable energy sources, Mostostal engaged itself in co-foundation process of Energy Efficient Buildings Initiative (E2B EI). Among numerous research project performed by Mostostal last years FutureBridge, ManuBuild, I-SSB, MESSIB or Trans-IND need to be specified.

  • Mostostal Warszawa is one of the largest construction companies in Poland with a 60-year history rich in traditions. Although its name is linked inseparably to the rebuilding of Warsaw bridges, the company is presently active in all sectors of the construction market in Poland and Europe.

    Nowadays Mostostal is well recognizable not only as executor of bridges but also buildings for public utility, industrial objects, activities from environmental protection area as well as roads or underground constructions. Mostostal Warszawa is active in all primary sectors of the construction industry and its scope of services encompasses general construction and delivery of turnkey projects for domestic and international partners.

    Besides providing overall project management and coordination, CETMA will participate in the project with its Technologies and Processes Technical Group, belonging to the Materials and Structures Engineering Department.